About Us

Husky Battery Solutions – Lead Acid Battery Recycling Specialists, North West England

With thirty years of experience in the industry, including work with top international recycling companies, we have a strong foundation as we strive to become a leading provider of environmentally-conscious recycling solutions. As we grow and expand, we are assembling a specialized team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in related industries, in order to enhance our capabilities and establish ourselves as a trusted authority in this field.

Family-Driven Commitment to Responsible Recycling

As a family-run company, we hold a deep understanding of the significance of providing a solution that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients while also being responsible and mindful of the environment. Our commitment to responsibility extends from the safe disposal of hazardous waste to the ethical and sustainable practices that guide every aspect of our business.

We hold a full license as a waste carrier, ensuring that all the waste we handle is disposed of following UK law and regulations set by the Environment Agency.

Efficient and Rewarding Battery Collection

Our mission is to provide a safe and responsible solution for the disposal of batteries to commercial clients across North West England. Our unique Weigh & Pay service offers the convenience of on-site weighing and immediate payment, so you can receive fair compensation for your batteries without any delays.

Competitive Pricing and Unbeatable Service

We offer the best price per kilogram in the UK and are confident that we cannot be beaten on price or service. We track the London Metal Exchange daily to ensure that our pricing remains competitive.

Uniformed and Security Checked Staff

Our staff are fully uniformed and undergo thorough security checks for your peace of mind. We understand the importance of trust and transparency in our business dealings, and our uniformed staff are a testament to our commitment to professionalism.

Brand New Fleet of Eye-Catching Vehicles

Our vehicles are fully sign-written and eye-catching, representing our brand and commitment to providing exceptional service. We have a brand new fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans to 44-ton trucks, all of which are equipped with gps tracking and live recording cameras

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