Better battery recycling

Husky Battery Solutions offers leading lead-acid battery collection and disposal services in North West England. Boasting three decades of expertise in the recycling industry, we offer a choice of services to accommodate the safe collection and disposal of batteries for commercial clients across a wide range of sectors.

Weigh & Pay – Get Paid Instantly for Scrap Batteries

At Husky Battery Solutions, we prioritise the responsible disposal of lead-acid batteries and strive to offer a convenient solution to commercial clients throughout North West England. Our signature Weigh & Pay service streamlines the battery collection process, enabling a quick and efficient solution right at your doorstep.

Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art onboard weighing equipment, which allows us to weigh your batteries
on-site and instantly pay you at the current market rate (read how we do it).

Say goodbye to delays and complicated payment processes, and choose a simple, stress-free solution with Husky Battery Solutions.

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Recycle Your Waste Batteries At Unbeatable Scrap Battery Prices

At Husky Battery Solutions, we believe that recycling used batteries should not only be good for the environment but also beneficial for our customers.
That's why we offer a competitive and fair pricing policy that rewards our clients for responsibly disposing of their lead-acid batteries. We take pride in rewarding our customers and making the recycling process a win-win situation.

Get Paid by Weight

There is no greater incentive for doing your part in promoting a greener planet – we arrive in signed vehicles at your door, weigh your used batteries and pay you instantly.

Best Prices Paid

You will receive the highestscrap battery prices in the industry for all your used batteries, based on the London Metal Exchange rate.

All Lead-Acid Battery Types Accepted

No matter the type of battery you need to recycle, we have the capability to manage it.

Why choose us?

When it comes to lead battery recycling we know our stuff. From how to safely collect, store and recycle them to the legal boring stuff that’s needed with each collection.
We pay top prices for your batteries during each collection.

Free collections

We don’t charge at all for any of our battery collections. We just pay top prices.

Top prices on collection

We weigh your batteries and pay by the KG via BACS while we collect them.

Emergency collections

We collect 7 days a week so if you need us in a hurry we can help.

Inclusive paperwork

We don’t charge for the paperwork. All relevant paperwork is included.

Fully Licensed Waste Carrier

Proper disposal of your scrap Lead Acid batteries is a legal requirement in the UK. Lead Acid batteries contain hazardous substances, including battery acid, that poses a threat to the environment and cannot be disposed of as regular waste.Husky Battery Solutions are licensed waste carriers for the safe recycling of used batteries.


Initially a family business, we have now brought together experts from various industries to establish a specialised recycling team. Our personnel have a wealth of experience, having worked not just within the family business but also for prominent international recycling firms. Currently, our operations are mainly focused on serving clients in North West England, however, we aim to broaden our reach nationally.

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